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I apologise for not updating this blog for a long time. I know you all enjoy the jokes and I’m happy that I found so many people who share the dostoyevsky love but my last semester in uni was terrible and I’m unable to open and read books. I hope this phase will be over soon but until then I probably won’t update much. The submissions are always open of course and I enjoy reading your comments and messages.

petrushaverkhovensky whispered : This blog make me happy, because I am really obsessed with Dostoyevsky. :) Excuse me for my terrible English: I am russian. You are great :)

Thank you for your nice words <3

the-witch-girl-of-saint-just whispered : "Senpai, I will teleport you to Siberia if you don't update soon!" {THE DOSTOYEVSKY FANDOM NEEDS YOU}

i want to go to Siberia tho

Anonymous whispered : *drapes self seductively over the askbox* Senpai, you must post more memes~!

Senpai is currently busy with exams. I haven’t read any literature since February *cries*.

spoopyelias whispered : So this really hot guy just moved in next door, and yesterday, I finally got the nerve to chat him up. Turns out, he is just as obsessed with Dostoevsky as I am. Also, his name is Ivan. My name is Katya.

OMG you guys are meant to be together

Please invite me to your wedding *cries*

avec-leon whispered : Oh oh, how about The House Of The Dead (or Memoirs or however it is they translate it)? I think it's one of his best, he literally created a reality inside of a reality (since prison is so much different from the outside world).

Honestly it might be my favourite book because it’s like an autobiography. He used every moment he lived there to express the mentality of people who are caged. Yet he didn’t write it directly from his perspective but he put his words in the protagonist’s mouth. And by default I think it’s one of his books that are completely different from the rest.