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whiny-brat whispered : Oh oh, how about The House Of The Dead (or Memoirs or however it is they translate it)? I think it's one of his best, he literally created a reality inside of a reality (since prison is so much different from the outside world).

Honestly it might be my favourite book because it’s like an autobiography. He used every moment he lived there to express the mentality of people who are caged. Yet he didn’t write it directly from his perspective but he put his words in the protagonist’s mouth. And by default I think it’s one of his books that are completely different from the rest.

Anonymous whispered : What about Humiliated and Insulted? PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEE I'M DESPERATE

man i don’t even remember what happened in that book. i’ll reread and try to make up something.

Russian literature y'all

Author: Raskolnikov did this....
Author: Rodion Romanovich did that...
Author: Rodia went there....
Me the first time I read it: Is it the same person or...
aireyverkhovensky whispered : AT LEAST YOURE NOT DEAD, SENPAI

I don’t understand how this blog gains so many followers when I haven’t updated it for months. Anyway, in Russia I found and bought a short version of Brothers Karamazov. Actually I asked the lady working in the store for books I can read (my level in russian is A2-B1) and she gave me classic books shortened and with pictures for kids. I haven’t started it yet but I think it’s a very clever and nice way to get kids interested in classic literature, even when they can’t fully grasp the messages of each book.

I’d like to welcome the new followers and suggest everyone to submit their own meme ideas so the blog can start running again (at least till I have some time to read another Dostoyevsky book).

g-chel whispered : I'm glad that I found your blog. It's really amazing! I like Dostoevsky's works especially The Double and Notes from Underground. (NfU is the first book I read.) I'm looking forward to read more after The Dream of a Ridiculous Man. I already finished it. Any suggestions?

I apologise for the late reply, I was in Russia for a month and tumblr gave me a hard time there. It depends on what you’d like to read. Since you read some of his shorter and lighter -I’d say- novels if you want to read one of his masterpieces I’d suggest Crime and Punishment or The Idiot. 

horizontescuriosos whispered : I'm reading the Brothers Karamazov, and I admit that I am finding the messages of this novel to be rather difficult to decipher. In your interpretation of the novel, what messages would you say are central to the novel?

The Brothers Karamazov is a quite difficult book to read because the story is built up till the end of the last chapter so it makes sense to be confused about the messages. I’ll try to answer your question without spoiling the story because I don’t know how much you’ve read. Imo the book has three main themes, which all involve the human existence:

1. Religious faith or doubt. On faith’s side we have Alyosha and Zosima, on doubt’s Ivan and Smerdyakov.

2. Shared responsibility and guilt. Which obviously affects the brothers the most.

3. Moral choices of every character in the book. Starting from Dmitri, whose choices are important in the first part of the book.

The messages aren’t clear because Dostoyevsky takes a complex theme and argues on it using the voices of many characters. The whole book is a constant debate on important issues of the human soul. Dostoyevksy never clearly states his preference for one opinion or another. He lets the reader decide based on the events that happen in every character and the ending of the story. That’s why finishing the book will definitely help you understand the symbolism and meaning of each brother’s character.

when you realise that the narrator of Brothers Karamazov attended Dmitri’s trial and he was sharing the story